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"Not only is poker good for you, it's the American way, where winners play fair, have the right stuff, and nothing else matters, except, perhaps, a bit of luck every now and then."

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Poker Articles

Whether you are a beginning player or someone who has been playing poker for decades, we hope you will find the articles here of benefit. Many of these were published in Card Player Magazine, where Lou Krieger has been the "On Strategy" columnist for almost a decade.

If you would like to comment on any of these articles, ask questions, or request articles on specific subjects, please use the Feedback form. In addition to writing poker articles, Lou Krieger conducts seminars on a variety of poker topics.

A Beginner's Course in Texas Hold'em

This 6-part series is aimed squarely at beginning Hold'em players. The goal is to introduce new players to this exciting game and give them enough background to make them feel comfortable playing casino poker.

On Poker: You Can Quote Me on That

This column marks a milestone for me: my 200th article for Card Player. My personal celebration involved perusing each of my 200 columns and pulling my favorite poker quotes to share with you. I don't know if any of these will make it to Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, but if someone ever complies a book of quotable poker quotes, I hope to see a few of mine there. New quotes added October, 2001.

Variable Logic

One of the mistakes made by beginning players lies in their quest for a strategy applicable in some formulaic fashion during a poker game.

A Little Game Theory

Talk to poker theorists long enough and the concept of game theory is bound to pop up. And it's not really a new idea either.

A Beginner's Survival Guide

Recently a reader's email suggested a column offering a survival guide to ease the transition for beginners who are about to take the plunge and play casino poker for the first time.

World Poker Players Conference

Based on an overwhelmingly favorable response from attendees, the World Poker Players Conference should become a staple of the poker world for years to come.

Trip Report: Mexican Riviera Poker Cruise

I've got a dive bag full of snorkeling gear and a bathing suit on. My hand trails along in the Sea of Cortez, creating the smallest of wakes, as the water-taxi "Zigi" beats a path from the dock in Cabo San Lucas to a remote spot called Lover's Beach.

Quick Counts, Parts 1 and 2

For those of you who are numerically challenged, or statistically phobic, this is for you: A simple, easy-to-use, paint-by-numbers piece on the mathematics of poker.

Software Review: Sidewinder Sid Comes to Town

This marks the fourth or fifth time I've written about Wilson Software's Turbo Texas Hold'em in my column, never mind the substantial amount of space devoted to it in my latest book Poker For Dummies.

Trip Report: Caribbean Poker Cruise

Come along for a poker cruise to the Caribbean. Find out why "the frivolity level almost rivaled BARGE at times".

The Desperate Hours

What are your desperate hours? Is there a time during each poker session when you don't play your best? Researchers have long known that people perform better at some times than others, and it varies from one person to the next.

Big Hands and Big Payoffs

Big hands are not always big money makers, and that's often frustrating. This is particularly true in split pot games like Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better High-Low Split, and Omaha High-Low Split (mercifully abbreviated as 7-stud/8, and Omaha/8, respectively). Learn how to play big hands in this article.

Poker for Dummies: The Birth of the Beast

"Simplifying concepts is not easy; yet the very process of writing for beginners causes a wonderful transformation to occur. The knowledge and sophisticated concepts one possesses become stripped bare until only the essence of the concept shines through - unadorned, yet pure, and possessed of a stark simplicity that gives new and deeper meaning to long-held ideas and truths."

Five Quick Ways to Better Your Hold'em Game

If you want to improve your Hold'em poker game in a New York minute, here are five ways that will jump-start your game and improve your play.


These articles show you how, when, and why to bluff while playing poker. You'll also read about some of the most famous bluffs in poker history.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Ten Tips to
Better Bluffing

Morton's Theorem

Upon reading Morton's Theorem for the first time, Mike Caro was quoted as saying: "It is simply one of the most interesting and unexpectedly thoughtful pieces about poker I've read recently."

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