In poker - as in so many other disciplines - there are great "players" and then there are great "teachers." Lou Krieger is both. Trust me. His appreciation for the intricacies of poker are obvious. He's one of the few writers who incorporates both good card sense and comprehensive situational analysis in his writing. Reading Lou's advice is like getting painting lessons from Rembrandt or being taught the violin by Stradivarius."

Nolan Dalla
Card Player Magazine

Meet Lou Krieger

Lou Krieger learned poker at the tender age of seven, while standing at his father's side during the weekly Thursday night game held at the Krieger kitchen table in the blue-collar Brooklyn neighborhood where they resided. Always adept at sports and games, Lou's natural abilities enabled him to keep his head above water during the high school and college poker games he frequently played in.

Lou KriegerBut it wasn't until his first visit to Las Vegas that Lou took poker seriously. "I didn't like Las Vegas at first. Blackjack was boring, and I knew the odds were against the players shooting dice or playing any of the other table games. Then I discovered a poker table tucked into a small corner of the Desert Inn where we were staying. I bought into a low-limit seven-card stud game and managed - with a good deal of luck - to break even. While playing stud, I noticed out of the corner of my eye another game that looked to be a lot more fun. It was Texas Hold'em.

"I left the stud game, watched the Hold'em game for about thirty minutes, and sat down to play. One hour and $100 later, I was hooked. I didn't mind losing. It was the first time I played the game. I expected to lose. But I didn't like feeling like a dummy, so I bought every book on poker that I could find.

"I studied. I played. I studied and played some more. Before long I was playing and winning regularly, and I haven't had a losing year since I began keeping records."

In the early '90s Lou Krieger began writing a column called On Strategy for Card Player Magazine. Aimed squarely at Hold'em players, the column is chock full of advice for beginners, low-limit, and even experienced mid-limit Hold'em players.

When not writing about poker, Lou - who resides in Palms Springs, California - can be found playing $15-$30 or $20-$40 Texas Hold'em in the card casinos of Southern California.

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