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Welcome to Lou Krieger Online
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Welcome to Lou Krieger Online

Poker has fascinated me since I first learned to play at age seven. Sharing what I've learned about poker in my Card Player Magazine columns and in my books has been my passion, my avocation and my career.

Lou Krieger Online offers me the opportunity to introduce an entirely new audience - people connected through the Internet - to poker. While most of the articles are targeted to beginning and intermediate players, advanced players also will benefit from them. New articles will be added on a regular basis, as well as announcements about various poker events, so please check back often as you surf the Web. My books are available for purchase here through convenient links to and

I welcome your comments and questions. While I may not be able to get back to you immediately, I do answer all correspondence.

Please sign up for the Announcements List. From time to time I'll be sending out information about activities you maybe interested in.

Thanks for visiting Lou Krieger Online. Enjoy surfing and return often!

           Keep flopping aces,

Lou Krieger

The Poker Player's Bible

Here's a poker player's guide that covers virtually every aspect of poker, starting with a chapter that explains poker rules, then ranks and explains the value of poker hands, from one pair to a royal flush. The book discusses the game's mechanics, describing strategic concepts and explaining how knowledge of strategies separates casual from serious players.

Chapters that follow instruct on how to assess differences between winning hands and bad hands, how to estimate the odds, how and when to bluff, how to detect an opponent's bluff, and how and when to raise.

This book concentrates on the five most popular poker games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha/8, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Stud/8, with more than 300 color illustrations showing common poker situations.

The Poker Player's Bible, published by Barron's, will ship from the printer in October 2004 and be on the shelves in time for Holiday buying. The retail price is $21.95.
ISBN 0-7641-5788-4

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Winning Omaha/8 Poker

Lou Krieger and Mark Tenner have completed a new, 256-page book entitled "Winning Omaha/8 Poker," and it's the first new book about Omaha/8 in quite some time. While there are many books about Texas hold'em, there are relatively few books - and none in the past few years - about its popular cousin Omaha/8. This book is currently available at,, or you can order it directly through this web site. Just click the "Books" tab at the top of the page and you're on your way.

Omaha Poker has been called, "the game of the future," by players and pundits alike. Omaha arrived hard on the heels of its cousin, Texas hold'em, which in recent years has surpassed 7-card stud as the world's most popular poker game. Omaha offers more action and excitement for players at all skill levels and wagering limits. That's one of the factors behind its rapid growth in popularity both as a hot offering at poker tournaments in the United States and Europe, and as a cash game played in most cardrooms and casinos.

This book explains the basics of the game and provides a sound strategic approach so you can learn to play well in the shortest amount of time possible. When the table talk runs to poker books, you'll find that many of your opponents have never picked up a poker book in their lives. Many, in fact, will boast of it. Some even disdain the new breed of computer literate, educated poker players. While many self-taught players are remarkably skilled, most of them are not, and they've been making the same mistakes for years.

And who's going to tell them? Certainly not their opponents, who are quite happy, thank you, to convert their opponents' ignorance into currency at the end of a poker session. After all, poker is a game of money played with cards, and if you find a leak in your opponent's game you're going to try to exploit it for all it's worth. And why not, they're trying to do the same to you.

Awareness of a problem is the first step on the road to solving it, and until you are aware of the mistakes you're making at the poker table, you can't correct them. If you're new to Omaha/8, or even an experienced hand who wants to improve his game, this book provides a storehouse of knowledge and information that you can convert to useable know-how by integrating it into your game.

Although you've probably played some form of poker before deciding to take a shot at Omaha, "Winning Omaha/8 Poker" takes it from the top, assumes you've never played poker before, and covers the basics, so you won't have to worry about missing a thing.

Maybe you've been playing poker since from the time you climbed out of the crib, and for some reason you usually lose. You know the rules, but knowing how to win has somehow escaped you. Don't you worry either. This book will certainly help you. We will present all the tips, strategies, tactics, and tricks you need to help you walk away from the poker table with money in your pockets.

Even if you're a real Omaha maven - an expert - you'll still benefit from what we have to offer. Some of our suggestions may surprise you, some may simply reinforce the knowledge you've already learned, and you may even find a few gems you've never thought of before.

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"Internet Poker: How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games"

Lou Krieger and Kathy Watterson, a Las Vegas based journalist who had guest authored chapters in "Poker For Dummies, and "Gambling For Dummies," have completed the first book dealing with the rapidly expanding phenomenon of Internet Poker.

If you’ve never played poker before, or even if you’ve played a lot but only in home games or casinos, you might wonder why you need a book to prepare you to play online. Why can’t you just download the software, click your mouse a time or two and give it a go?

After all, many players have learned just that way. It’s called the school of hard knocks, and the tuition can be costly. "Internet Poker" includes a CD designed to help you master the intricacies of online poker while you improve your game. It includes downloads to the leading Internet poker sites as well as interactive Wilson poker software to put you up close and personal with the look and feel of Internet poker. In combination with the book’s Special Bonus Chapter Seven, "125 Interactive Hands To Prepare You for Internet Poker," the Wilson Software mini-programs on this CD form what amounts to Internet Poker 101— and it’s all interactive. You learn as you play!

"Internet Poker" is both a reference book and a how-to book. It explains the game’s basics and provides a sound strategic approach coupled with innovative, interactive instruction — so you can learn to play winning poker on the Internet or elsewhere in the shortest time possible. It’s a reference as well as a tutorial, so there’s no need to read it from cover to cover to understand where we’re coming from. If you’re already an experienced player but need to learn the mechanics of playing online, or you just want to learn about the security aspects of Internet games, jump right to the pertinent section and start in.

If you’d like to test your skills, improve your game hands-on, or preview the general ambience of Internet poker, you’ll want to make good use of the interactive programs on the CD and the related material in Chapter Seven. If you just want to learn the basics and save the advanced stuff for later, start at the beginning and wait until you’re ready to tackle more advanced concepts. But if you really want to flatter us, go ahead and read the book from cover to cover, using the CD where indicated. We promise you an enjoyable, informative, and potentially profitable ride.

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Lou Krieger Poker Seminars

If you are interested in sponsoring or attending a Lou Krieger Poker Seminar, please click here.

Many of Lou’s recent seminars have been on poker cruises sponsored by the two major cruise companies: Card Player Cruises, and Classic Poker Cruises. If you’ve never been on a poker cruise, I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself. For further information about card player cruises, please click here.

If you’d like to read about the flavor of a poker cruise, please read Lou’s recent Card Player article, "Homage to Cruising."

Many of Lou’s previous columns and articles are achieved at Card Player Magazine and can be viewed at

Lou has also spoken at the World Poker Player’s Conference, held in Las Vegas every summer, as well as at the annual Poker School Online conference. Attendance at this conference is limited to school members only.

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Host of Royal Vegas Online Poker

Lou Krieger is the host of Royal Vegas Online Poker and he confidently endorses their "fast cash-ins, top security and excellence service." You can chat to him regularly and even play against him if you are up to the challenge. Playing multiplayer poker at Royal Vegas puts you in a real showdown against other players.

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Poker for Dummies: The Birth of the Beast

Take a look inside the process of writing Poker for Dummies:

"Simplifying concepts is not easy; yet the very process of writing for beginners causes a wonderful transformation to occur. The knowledge and sophisticated concepts one possesses become stripped bare until only the essence of the concept shines through - unadorned, yet pure, and possessed of a stark simplicity that gives new and deeper meaning to long-held ideas and truths."

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