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There's opportunity in poker…If Horace Greeley were alive today, his advice wouldn't be "Go West, young man, and grow up with the country." Instead, he'd point to that deck of cards on table and say, "Shuffle up and deal."

    Lou Krieger


Lou Krieger Poker Seminars

You've seen it all too often - a new player in the card room, or one of the regulars, says "I'm tired of losing; I'll see you around." Sometimes they come back, but often they don't. Poker is a game of skill, and a player who hasn't learned at least a little of what is in the modern poker books is at a huge disadvantage. He or she busts out quickly, and then is gone.

As much as an author would like to think otherwise, many people simply don't care to read books. They learn best by seeing and hearing. Others find that learning "in person" reinforces what is learned through reading.

A Lou Krieger Poker Seminar offers the opportunity to learn from one of the game's recognized masters. cardrooms benefit by educating their customers to become better players. Players benefit by learning the skills that can help them win more money more often.

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