The Nevada Sunday

by Lou on April 28, 2005

There’s a new Sunday newspaper in Las Vegas, and it’s called The Nevada Sunday, and it’s gearing up to provide 21 colorful and interesting sections for its readers. They’ve asked me to be the paper’s poker columnist, and I was in there for the first issue that hit the streets and intend to continue writing for them each and every Sunday.

Mine will be a 500-word column, a typical length for newspaper columns, though somewhat shorter than I’m used to producing for magazines. But that’s OK. It will hone my style, and the need to get it done in 500 words will make for more concise, pithier prose.

This may be the only poker column in a major American newspaper (I know there are gaming columns in some newspapers, but I don’t know of any columnists writing only about poker), and it’s something I wanted to do ever since learning that the late David Spanier had a poker column every Sunday in the UK. I tried. I sent sample columns to newspaper syndicators and to newspapers themselves, but never got a bite. Because times have changed and poker is a lot hotter and more mainstream than it was a few years ago, a poker column in a major newspaper no longer seems unusual. It seems like a natural thing.

Poker deserves a space in newspapers at least as much as chess and bridge do. More so, probably. Poker is more popular than either of those games.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, or are visiting, pick up a copy of The Nevada Sunday and look for my poker column. It’ll be short, to the point, and provide both coverage of major poker events as well as hints designed to help players raise their games. All in a few short words.

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