Rose Richie’s Incredible WSOP Performance

by Lou on April 20, 2005

With the World Series of Poker fast approaching and threatening to bring more than 5,000 players to the tables, I was just sitting here thinking about Rose Richie’s grand performance during the 2004 event.

This Florida mom was the only female to make it to the 3rd day of competition, outlasting a gaggle of better known female poker players. Not only did Rose have to beat back a couple of thousand opponents to achieve her feat, she had to overcome a significant medical problem too. Since 1988, Rose Richie has suffered from Lupus – a disease that can affect any system in the body.

Lupus regularly leaves one drained and bereft of energy, which is what led Rose to begin playing poker from the comfort of her home, where she logged on to Royal Vegas Poker. Internet poker allowed her to play when she felt well, and to play as long as she felt comfortable at the table. She could quit and rest anytime she had to. When fighting Lupus, that’s precisely what Rose needed to do in order to incorporate poker into her lifestyle while dealing with her ailment.

She played in online cash games and tournaments too, where she won a seat to the 2004 WSOP. The World Series is a marathon; everyone who bellys up to the table to play will attest to that. Rose knew it too. She braced herself for an enervating event and took the plunge despite some trepidation. After all, the WSOP is a series of long, hard, stress-filled days, and regardless of one’s stamina, you have to keep playing until each day’s session ends. Rose knew that going in. She just didn’t know whether or not she’d be able to handle the tournament’s rigors.

The 2004 World Series of Poker was the first land based poker event Rose entered, although she first played poker in 1978. While she found it difficult to cope with the 3-day ordeal, Rose persevered and came out on top. Now she uses her story to inspire other Lupus sufferers.

With that kind of performance, and her inspriational story, Rose was featured on a number of radio and TV shows, and “promoted” from player to “expert” at Royal Vegas Poker,where she plays each week under the screen name “Rosebud17,” along with Alan Schoonmaker, Mike Cappelletti, Max Shapiro, Barbara Enright, Matt Lessinger, and me. Knock any of us out of Royal Vegas Poker’s weekly “Play the Experts” tournament (every Wednesday at 8:00 PM Eastern Time) and you’ll win a $50 bounty, a T-shirt proclaiming “I knocked out the expert,” and if the expert is also an author, you’ll win a book too.

Rose and I have been friends for a year now, and I’m a fan of her poker game and even greater admirerer of her pluck, determination, and composure at the table. I’m wish her all the best in 2005.

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