Today I Resigned From Card Player Magazine.

by Lou on April 18, 2005

Although I’ve written more than 300 columns for Card Player since 1992, the time had come for me to pursue other opportunities and I submitted my resignation earlier today to Card Player Magazine.

My reasons for leaving involve a desire to write for publications aimed more toward recreational poker players because I believe this market is both rapidly growing and underserved, and I’m eager to appear in mainstream outlets such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart where some of these magazines are distributed, as well as continuing to appear in casinos and poker rooms too. I have also been asked to write a poker column for Nevada Sunday, the new weekly newspaper published in Las Vegas that made it’s debut April 3.

With these opportunities in hand, a new book in the offing, a chance to do some TV work in the future, as well as continuing to serve as host for Royal Vegas Poker and for the College Poker Championship, it was best that I left Card Player Magazine. I hope they continue to serve the industry and the players as poker grows into an ever brighter future.

I was privileged to be a columnist for Card Player Magazine, but now it’s time to move in new directions. Soon you’ll be able to read my articles in Bluff Magazine, in 5th Street Magazine, in NevadaSunday, in Canadian Poker Player, occasionally in Midwest Gaming and Travel, and you’ll also be able to listen to me on the radio in each of the markets where Tipshop is syndicated, or to listen to my weekly segment on’s web site.

I wrote for Card Player for a long time, since 1992 to be exact, with only a short break during the time I left to write for the now defunct Poker Digest. Deciding to leave was not an easy choice to make and it’s neither money nor personalities that led me down this path. Instead, it was a case of what I believe will be best for me in the long run.

When I first started out writing it was always a case of looking for any additional opportunity to get something in print. Now that I’m established as a writer, and lucky enough to write about a topic that has generated interest faster than anyone could realistically imagine just a few years ago, it’s much more a matter of picking and choosing my spots. If I wasn’t selective about the writing assignments I took on, I’d be writing 24 hours a day, and that’s a prescription for insanity or an early grave.

So my decision is made. By closing one door I’ve opened up some others, and it’s time to turn in a new direction and face the future. I’m moving on.

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