Follow-Up to “Playing Poker For A Living”

by Lou on May 30, 2005

The following comments were received by “Which,” in response to an earlier post about playing poker for a living:

“One thing about turning pro that I was surprised u did not mention was that an aspiring pro does not need to make an either/or decision. If u have a job, and are serious about turning pro, u can start as a part-timer. Play for lots of hours on week ends at a brick and mortar casino. Or take your “vacation” in Vegas this year and see how u stack up vs. the “pros”. With the part-time approach your bankroll requirements are also less severe. Just play with what u can afford to lose. And since only “winning players” should consider going pro, the interim part-timing can be a way to build your bank roll to adequate levels, instead of jumping in too quickly and undercapitalized.”

I couldn’t agree more, and if I didn’t make this point stongly enough, thanks to “Which” for pounding it home. If you are contemplating a poekr career, you should spend some time playing where you think you want to live, and playing in the game you will have to beat in order to earn your living. You do not have to make an “either/or” decision, and you can ease your way into the game, and make as seamless a transition as you possibly can.

If you do have a job, especially one that provides benefits, you are waaaaaay better off taking a leave of absence if you can wangle it, than you would be by abruptly quitting and commencing your poker career without a road back home just in case you need it.

Thanks, “Which,” for your comments. If any other readers want to share their experience or advice about playing for a living, just submit your comments……

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