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by Lou on June 2, 2005

I decided that while I’m in Las Vegas next week playing in some WSOP events, I’ll take some time to play a satellite or two for the main event, but if I don’t win my way in, I’m going to skip it. I’m going to be cautious and not risk $10,000 from my own pocket for this event. However, RGP regular Bill Chen is doing just the opposite. He posted a few days ago that he plans to attend the WSOP for the next six weeks and enter as many events as he can with the $100,000 he’s allotted for the trip.

That’s a big investment on Bill’s part — bigger than I’m willing to make — and it’s a big risk too, but a big reward if he plays well and gets lucky at the right time.

While the possibility of risking $100,000 and no payoff at the end is not my idea of a pretty picture, neither would I relish living in a hotel and eating buffet food for six weeks straight. Amy Calistri, who’s covering the WSOP for Poker Pages and partially for Bluff Magazine will be there for the entire six weeks too, but unlike Bill, she will be staying in a house so it’s more in keeping with most people’s regular routines.

When I was in Vegas for a month earlier this year filming “Vegas Virgins,” they handed out gobs of Orleans buffet coupons to everyone associated with the production. Within a week, everyone on the show was lobbying as hard as they could for meal tickets to any other Orleans restaurant. It’s not that the Orleans buffet was bad; actually it’s pretty good as buffets go. It’s just that the idea of eating every meal a the buffet is a bit much. Even though I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to food, I was looking to eat anywhere but the buffet too at the end of the first week.

Who knows, maybe Bill will visit the beef jerky store on the mall down near the Lady Luck and the Horseshoe, or take some fruit up to his room for some variety, but I wish him well in the events, and I hope he survives buffet living for the next six weeks.

More to come, and more reports from the World Series of Poker next week. If you see me around twon, please say hello.

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