Back to Las Vegas

by Lou on July 4, 2005

I’m on my way back to Las Vegas this Wednesday for the World Series of Poker’s main event, which I probably won’t wind up playing in unless I miraculously win my way in through a last-minute satellite, if in fact there are any spots left.

While everyone is picking their favorite, I have mine too. I’m rooting for a guy you may never have heard of, Dave Scharf — who hails from Saskatoon and was the founder of Canadian Poker Player magazine. With six-thousand players, it’s hard to say anyone is really favored, even the game’s biggest names. The field is just too big.

But I’m rooting for Dave. After all, I’ve got some money behind him, and if he wins big, so do I. Dave, in his own words, is “…an anonymous face in the crowd. You will not find my name on any sports books or anyone’s list of ‘who will make the final table.’ This is, for me, very empowering. I am not as good a player as the best … but I am good enough that if things break my way I could win. The field will be filled with players that have almost no chance to win. I am way ahead of the field and I have enough gamble in me that I could beat the “A” list players with a break or two. Luck does matter in poker and if I get an extra helping I can be very dangerous.”

Dave may be anonymous for now, but if he’s able to make a run, he will be far from unknown. After all, I think he’s the only competitor who intends to wear a kilt and that alone is something that ought to get him a few seconds air time on TV.

While I’m in Las Vegas, I’ll get over to the Wynn to check out their poker room, as well as attend a party for the Hendon Mob, and another sponsored by Royal Vegas Poker. This is a chance to kill a few birds with one stone, and I have been eager, but unable thus far, to get over to the Wynn. But I’ll take a good look at it on Wednesday.

I’m not sure really what to expect at the Wynn. I know Wynn himself is a mercurial personality, with loads of supporters as well as detractors, but when it comes to giving the public what they want in a casino, he usually has his finger right on the public’s pulse.

It’ll also be interesting to see how the media gang is holding up. Some of the bloggers such as Pauly McGrupp, who can be read on and, as well as Mike Paulle and Amy Calistri who are reporting for Poker Pages, have been logging incredibly long days because there are always two or three events going on simultaneously. These folks seem to get by with little or no sleep, and I’ve come to develop a lot of fondness and respect for the bloggers and anyone else logging hour after hour reporting on the WSOP.

For all of you who play the weekly “expert” tourney at Royal Vegas Poker, and look forward to winning $50, a book and a T-shirt for KOing me or any of the other experts every Wednesday, you’ll have one less person to shoot for this week. I’m sure I’ll miss that tournament, but I will be back online July 13, with a target firmly affixed to my back, and I hope to see you there. It’s every Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM Pacific time (8:00 PM EDT) at Royal Vegas Poker

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