Monday, August 29, 2005

by Lou on August 30, 2005

Amy Calistri told me today that Vegas Virgins, the reality-meets-poker TV show that I filmed last February (and that she appears in during the last episode) has begun airing in the UK. Word has it that it will show in the USA and Canada this winter, or sometime during the first quarter of 2006.

Here’s the show in a nutshell: Ten people who never played casino poker before — five from the USA and five from the UK — were whisked away to Las Vegas for three weeks, put up in a first class hotel and provided with poker coaching. That was my job, and it was on camera.

Each night featured a poker tournament and each evening’s winner got to select one player to be tossed off the show. Each day the contestants had to perform a variety of tasks (think “Fear Factor:” eating duck embryo, walking a tightrope, you get the picture) and each day’s the task performance determined how many chips each players started the nightly tournament with. In alternating fashion, they tossed a Brit and then an American, until just one player from each country remained.

The two survivors played a heads-up match and the winner was given $5000 to play poker against some experienced poker players, each of whom were be armed with less money. The money discrepancy was designed to level the playing field and give the newbie a fair shot at winning.

I’m on each show, giving the newbies poker lessons and broadcasting the play by play of each evening’s tournament.

Filming ran 18 days, and we generally began between 8:00 and 9:00 AM, and with a poker lesson. Then there were tasks for the contestants to perform, and a nightly tournament, and filming generally didn’t end until midnight.

I also did some post production work in London earlier this Spring, and now I’m eager to see the results. I’m eager for the show to air in the USA or for someone from Lion TV or the Casino and Gaming TV Network sends me an advance DVD of the show.

I’ll post more about the show as it gets closer to showtime.

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