Becomming an Adjective, Poker Stars to Move, Poker on TV

by Lou on August 10, 2005

Murray Logan Becomes an Adjective:
Well the hangover from BARGE is finally clearing and I’ve recovered from too much fun and too little sleep in too short a time. My friend Murray Logan, from Vancouver BC, who is a tterrific short story writer, has become an adjective.

That’s not something many of achieve in our lifetime. Usually you have to be in the upper strata of something to reach that status. I remember sportswriters describing long home runs as “Ruthian,” in honor of Babe Ruth, who probably deserved all the adjectives one might heap on him.

But now Murray has made it into that upper echelon too, because when you’re rip-roaring, falling down drunk, you’re not just drunk any more, you’re Murray-drunk. I’m still hyphenating the word, because it has not yet passed into general usage in the English language, but as it spreads, I imagine that in a few years it will be spelled Murraydrunk — all one word, in honor of Murray Logan.

Who knows, perhaps some futuristic Paul Harvey will relate the origins of that word as part of “…the rest of the story.”

PokerStars Moves to the Isle of Man
On another note, the story that Poker Stars plans to move their entire operation to the Isle of Man hit the business wires today, and the full article can be accessed at this link:,,9070-1718638,00.html.

It seems as though a stock offering on the London exchange is afoot, though noting is certain right now. Stay tuned as this story plays out.

Televised Poker
The following infromation is from a post to the newsgroup, by Oliver Tse, a terrific reporter who always seems to have his finger right on the pulse of what’s happening in the poker business.

ESPN’s Original Entertainment (EOE) SeniorPublicist Keri Potts stated that EOE will only have an Electronic News Gathering (ENG) crew at Tunica. There will be NO full TV coverage of the WSOP Circuit $10Kbuy-in event at Tunica on August 25

The new TV contract between Harrah’s and ESPN has NOT been finalized. (As many of you know already, ESPN used its rights-matching option in the last contract to match the reported $10 million per year bid made to Harrah’s by News Corp/FOX Sports just hours prior to the Harrah’s WSOP press conference at the Rio Pavilion Convention Center on July 6. By matching FOX’s offer, ESPN effectively killed off the planned launch of “FOX Poker Channel” by News Corp/FOX.

Not all of the WSOP Circuit $10K buy-in events will have full TV coverage.

The 2005 Harrah’s/ESPN TOC is currently on hold pending a number of contractual and logistical issues. The 2005 TOC will NOT be at Harrah’s LasVegas in September.

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