On my way to BARGE; Guest Executive Editor of Poker Pro

by Lou on August 4, 2005

I’m on my way to Las Vegas today, to attend BARGE, a gathering of the rec.gambling.poker community that gets together every year for a couple of smalltorunaments and a lot of fun and frivolity. It’s all sort of like being a sophomore in college again. You hardly sleep. You play too much poker, have too much fun, and get to meet people you may never have met before but know from reading their posts online. A lot of notable poker players have attended BARGE, both before and after they became notable, and the list includes: Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Greg Raymer, Nolan Dalla, Lee Jones, Barry Tanenbaum, Russ Rosenblum, and I know I’m leaving out a bunch of others but you get the idea.

I was also asked to serve as guest executive editor of Poker Pro magazine, and today a press release came out announcing it. I’ve never edited a magazine before, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. My goal is to keep the magazine content rich, to keep it organized and “sectioned” — much like Newsweek is divided into sections dealing with “The Nation,” “The World,” Entertainment,” “Sports” — and I want to encourage as much good journalism as possible.

Whether or not this “guest” stint will develop into anything permanent is an open question, and for right now it’s a one issue assignment as guest executive editor, and I’m looking forward to it.

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