Cover Art For New Book

by Lou on September 16, 2005

Cover Art For My New Book:
I just got the cover art for my next book, “Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You About Winning Hold’em Poker,” and while I don’t like to beat the drum for books before they come out, I really like the bright red cover and thought I’d share it with the world.

Sheree Bykofsky is my coauthor on this book, in addition to being my literary agent — and the agent for a number of poker authors. Sheree’s a poker player, a scrabble players, and has written more 17 or 18 books, including “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published,” which is the definitive book of it’s kind.

This book should be out sometime in the winter or spring; it’s not even available yet for advance ordering at Amazon. So stay tuned; I’ll be back beating the drum for this book once it goes to press and is available in stores.

I’m Really Busy Since I returned From Las Vegas:
I was in Las Vegas this past weekend to meet the new CEO of Royal Vegas Poker as well as a bunch of affiliates who were in town. I was very ahppy with the plans and directions they shared with me, and I loved playing poker at the Wynn. Terrific room, great chairs, good lighting and the games were OK — although I’d have been happier if they had a $30-$60 or $40-$80 game but the biggest they had while I was there was $15-$30.

I got home and had to get to work on four different magazine articles that are due and I really need to get to work on some new material for Poker, but there’s no deadline for them, so I’ll do a piece for them over the weekend or next week.

The Desert “A-List”:
Jill Cohen, who writes a weekly poker column for “The Desert Sun,” the local newspaper here in my corner of the world, did a profile piece on me a few weeks ago. Now I’m an “A-List” celebrity, at least I am when it comes to poker in the Coachella Valley. I’ve been invited to do a half-hour interview on a local TV show, and invited to a celebrity poker tournament and dinner. The tournament is OK, but I’m thinking I’ll actually have to wear shoes for the dinner. I haven’t worn anything dressier than sandals and shorts since April, so I think I’ll have to get my shoes shined for the occasion. I dunno….maybe the price of fame is too high.

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