First Visit to the Wynn Poker Room

by Lou on September 13, 2005

I played at the Wynn today for the first time. I like the room…a lot. Great chairs, comfy and you’re able to adjust the height. They had a lot of games going yet the room was quiet, and it’s right next to the self-parking area at the north end of the casino.

The biggest game they had was $15-$30. They also had a list for a $30-$60 game but there was only one other player on the list in addition to me and one of the players tole me they seldom get that game going. The game itself was pretty typical for Las Vegas: five locals, two of whom played well and three didn’t, one tourist who played pretty well and one who plaed almost every hand, some kid who watched too much poker on TV because he was fond of studying the board in really obivious situations and grimacing while he was deciding what to do. He was hotdogging for cameras that weren’t even present.

The cameras were in another corner of the room, filming a DVD that Daniel Negreanu is making.

In a nutshell: great room, good game, pleasant people, a great poker manager in Deborah Giardina, good dealers, brushes, and management, an altogether pleasant place to play and the game was good too because the players who couldn’t play well were all making the same error: They called one and sometimes two streets too deep into the hand, adding weak money into the pot. I recommend the room.

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