Poker Tournament to Benefit Hurricane Victims

by Lou on September 2, 2005

We’re having a poker tournament on Royal Vegas Poker to benefit victims of the Hurricane. It takes place Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 PM EST. The buy in is only $25, and even if you’ve already made a donation to help the refugees, this is another opportunity to contribute some more money and enjoy a poker tournament in the process.

I’ll be playing in this event and I hope you will too.

America is an incredibly generous country, and I’ve always believed that we are quick to respond during moments of need. And there have never been a greater time of need than right now. Even though poker players would take their grandmother’s last dime at the poker table, we are among the most giving people anywhere when it comes to helping people who really need our assistance.

Won’t you please join me Tuesday evening to help those who truly need whatever assistance we can render?

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