Editing Never Ends

by Lou on October 10, 2005

I finished editing my new book yesterday, and spent hours on the phone with my coauthor — and agent — Sheree Bykofsky posting all of our changes to one copy of the manuscript. We also had to respond to the numerous editorial queries that came from the publisher. We’re on time with our book, and it’s on schedule for publication in March, 2006.

I have this very inexpensive phone service called “Penny Talk,” and it’s terrific for lengthy, long-distiance phone calls. They charge 50 cents per connection and then a penny a minute, so to review all the editorial changes to our book in a three-hour phone call, the cost was only $2.30.

In the limited channel surfing I did Saturday, it seems to me as though no teams are able to stop the spread formations now so popular in college football. Neither UCLA nor Cal could stop each other, and if USC ever puts two good halves of football together on a single Saturday, they seem fully capable of hitting triple digits. If they don’t kill you with a combination of White and Bush gaining 300 rushing yards between them, they have great wideouts, and lately they’ve been completing passes to their fullback too, who is iusually left alone by teams that have to double cover their speed threats.

I can’t wait for USC-Notre Dame, and would love to see USC play Texas for the national championship.

As I’m writing this, it’s 8:30 AM in California on a Monday morning, which makes it 4:30 PM in London — not prime poker playing time by any means and yet there is a full, six-player $50-$100 no-limit hold’em game on Royal Vegas Poker with five players waiting and 164 railbirds watching. Poker’s growth and popularity, even during times when you’t think most players aren’t playing poker, never ceases to amaze me. I haven’t checked the other sites, so I don’t know if the Prima Poker Network is the only one getting this big a game at this odd hour, but it would still be amazing to see that level of poker at this most unlikely hour.

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