More About the World Series of Hold’em, errrrrrrr poker

by Lou on October 29, 2005

My recent post here on this blog and on RGP about the World Series of Hold’em — oooooops, I meant the World Series of Poker; excuse me — generated lots of email. Almost all of mail I received agreed with my sentiments that the WSOP is running the risk of morphing into the World Series of Hold’em, and that’s a shame.

While all hold’em, all the time, may be great for Harrah’s bottom line, it does nothing to build and retain interest in all the other varieties of poker, such as mix games, 7-card stud, 7-stud/8, Omaha, Omaha/8, razz, deuce-to-seven, and even pineapple.

The all hold’em, all the time ethic is certainly in tune with the market and the ways in which television shaped today’s interest in poker. But the WSOP is big enough, well-known enough, and significant enough to take a leadership position and work to make sure that other varieties of poker survive and thrive at the World Series.

After all, it’s not like players are rejecting other forms of poker, and it’s not like they’ve simply gone missing. Many of the game’s newer players — those who recently caught the poker bug by virtue of it’s exposure on television — may not even be aware of these other poker games.

Variety is the spice of life, and in the long run it’s better for all concerned to have a broad spectrum of poker games available to the general public. Even Harrah’s bottom line would benefit in the long run. If there’s more interest in a wide variety of games, there will be bigger tournament fields for these events too.

Harrah’s, if you’re reading this blog, here’s hoping you step up to the plate and do your utmost to rescue these other poker games before they’re extinct.

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