Big time blackjack

by Lou on December 11, 2005

If you’re a blackjack player, or just someone who is enthralled by players who can win at the cat-and-mouse game that modern blackjack has become, you’re gonna love the piece in the upcoming issue of Midwest Gaming and Travel. Their January issue features an exclusive article, “The MIT Team’s $500,000 Weekend” by Mike Aponte that recounts the events, anxiety, and subsequent exhilaration of the MIT Blackjack Team during a landmark weekend.

The team’s exploits, as chronicled in the best-selling book “Bringing Down the House”, two television documentaries, and Kevin Spacey’s upcoming movie, are based primarily on the recollections of a single team member.

Aponte, a member of the world-famous team, provides his own reminiscences and insight in this exclusive article. Blackjack aficionados also know “MIT Mike” as the 2004 World Series of Blackjack Champion.

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