The Poker Wisdom of Chad Flood

by Lou on January 19, 2006

According to Chad Flood, a junior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, it took patience and a level head to out play more than 25,000 students from 2,400 schools around the world to win the 2005 College Poker Championship and earn the $41,000 grand-prize scholarship. Flood, an economics major, offers the top five lessons he learned while competing in the second annual College Poker Championship.

1. Manage Your Money Wisely — In poker, as in life, it’s important not to waste money on marginal investments. Don’t throw away money on longshot draws when you’re not getting the correct pot odds to make them.

2. Be Patient — It’s not necessary to play every hand. Wait for the right situation to make your moves.

3. Assess Your Opponents — It’s essential to read people and try to anticipate their next moves; this will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Study their wagers and antes, just as you would pay attention to mannerisms and facial expressions at the poker table.

4. Stay Calm — Having a short fuse or a bad temper can be a problem in poker just as it is in everyday life. People with bad tempers often find themselves playing on tilt and too recklessly due to the previous hand.

5. Express Yourself — Sometimes it isn’t possible to sit back and wait for aces. If you begin to get short stacked, you may have to make a move with a less than premium hand. Otherwise the blinds will eat away at your chips.

Students can put Flood’s strategies and their own to the test in College Poker Championship III, which is currently underway. More than $200,000 in scholarships and $10,000 in charity donations are on the line in the third annual tournament. Weekly qualifying tournaments are held on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. EST with practice tournaments on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. EST.

The College Poker Championship, located at, is open to registered college and university students worldwide to determine the World’s Best College Poker Player. Entry into the tournament is free of charge, and no purchase is ever required. College Poker Championship supports students’ educational endeavors with scholarships worth $200,000, and charity donations too. In poker and in life, champions like Chad Flood use poker as a strategic learning tool.

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