Oregon’s successful experience with tavern poker tournaments

by Lou on February 23, 2006

Since last August, businesses in Oregon have been allowed to hold poker tournaments. With six months of history to draw on, a track record has been established regarding any issues that may have arisen from these tournaments. The Oregon record is something other locales might scrutinize, especially if they are contemplating legalizing poker tournaments in bars and taverns.

A track record is far stronger evidence than the mere conjecture of anti-gambling adherents, who seem prone to whip up a froth of hell and damnation whenever talk of legalized poker surfaces. Unfortunately for the anti-poker gang, Oregon’s track record collapses all of their arguments.

According the Oregon Register-Guard, those establishments offering poker tournaments in the Springfield, Oregon area all report successful, problem-free results. “It’s gone very well, and everybody seems to enjoy it, we’ve had no problems.” Said Shalee Stockton, of the Woodsman Pub, a business that hosts Texas hold’em tournaments.

Stockton’s assessment is borne out by Police Chief Jerry Smith, who said that he’s received no complaints since the games began last August. Smith noted that this type of social gambling has not been a problem for law enforcement at all.

This is a real change from the attitude in other parts of the country, where bars have been raided, players cited, and equipment seized. The Oregon ordinance — which might serve as a workable model for other jurisdictions — requires licensed tournament organizers to ensure fiar games and efficient tournaments.

I’m hoping the Oregon model catches on elsewhere…..

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