Can Paris Hilton Win Back Her $200,000 Bentley?

by Lou on April 25, 2006

Two days ago I reported that Paris Hilton, who claims to have been bitten big-time by the poker bug and also reportedly stated that she always wins the game in Vegas, lost her $200,000 Bentley in a poker game held at a Vegas casino owned by her parents.

But now Party Poker has offered Hilton a chance to win a new Bentley in an online no-limit Texas Hold’em game against World Poker Tour color commentator and noted poker player Mike Sexton.

Reports I’ve seen about this proposed heads-up poker match neglected to mention what might be in store for Sexton if he’s victorious, so we, the curious, are left to wonder and speculate.

Actually, the more I think about it, this entire story about Hilton losing her $200,000 Bentley seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt. After all, every time I’ve played poker in a casino, chips were on the table, not car keys. The last time I saw anyone wager the deed to the ranch was in the movies, a long time ago.

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