My New Poker Radio Show Set to Debut April 20

by Lou on April 12, 2006

My new online poker radio show is set to debut on Thursday, April 20th at Hold’em Radio. The show is titled Keep Flopping Aces, and will be co hosted by Amy Calistri. Keep Flopping Aces will be web cast at 9:00PM EDT (or 8p-CDT, 7p-MDT, and 6p PDT, respectively.) If you can’t listen live, you can catch it in replay just by going to and tuning in.

Our show will be one hour long, and will air each Thursday. We intend to provide you with the best guests we can find, as well as offer tips of the week, poker news online and off, a “media minute” that will cover new poker books and magazines, reviews of the televised poker shows, poker in the movies and anything else related to poker in the limelight.

We’ll also give you the latest rumors, facts, and news concerning poker.

We’re hoping for a show with plenty of listener interaction, and an active chat window will be operative during the show’s duration.

I hope you’ll tune it. I’ll post more about the show here in the week leading up to its broadcast debut.

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