Andy Bloch to Guest on “Keep Flopping Aces”

by Lou on May 18, 2006

Andy Bloch will make a guest appearance on “Keep Flopping Aces,” the weekly radio show that Amy Calistri and I host every Thursday night at 9:00 EDT on

Bloch has grossed over $1 million playing poker tournaments. He’s had multiple WSOP and WPT final table finishes and won the Ultimate Poker Challenge in 2005.

Andy has multiple engineering degrees from MIT and a law degree from Harvard. Although Andy played recreational poker in his early years, his professional gambling interests were fostered by his participation in the now famous MIT blackjack team.

One of the things we’ll discuss on the show is his newly released blackjack DVD.But poker was a constant for Andy. He was an active and early member of RGP, inspired by the mathematically inclined bent and thoughtful exchange of ideas the Usenet group became famous for.

Andy also co-wrote the “The Idiot’s Guide to Poker Tells.” One of the things we’ll discuss is how he integrates his mathematical/game theoretic approach with the more psychological aspects of this game.

Amy Calistri and I will also discuss the WPT waiver situation with Andy. Although you have probably heard various spins about this, we’ll dig into the specific underlying issues that affect the players.It’s all on “Keep Flopping Aces,” this Thursday night at 9:00 PM EDT and 6:00 PM PDT, at The show will also be archived for those of you who are unable to listen to the show as it airs.

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