(1) The Biggest Game in Cyberspace (2) Congress Set to Vote on Bills to Restrict Online Gaming (3) 240,000 New Players to Microgaming (formerly Prima)

by Lou on June 19, 2006

Record Online Poker Cash-Game Pot
This was surely the biggest game in town: $200-$400 no-limit hold’em. Freddie Deeb (at least we think it was Freddie Deeb) heads-up against Johnny Lodden on the Microgaming Network (formerly the Prima Network) with over $800,000 on the table.

Lodden took charge early and had Fast Freddie down a few hundred thousand. Towards the end of the night the largest hand in the history of online poker was recorded. The pot reached $465,461 when Freddie spiked 3 aces on the flop. Fast_Freddie and bad_ip raised and reraised throughout the hand, suggesting that bad_ip had flopped 3 aces as well.

When the hand was over bad_ip mucked his cards and Fast_Freddie won with Trip Aces and a King and Jack for kickers.There is still some speculation regarding Fast_Freddie’s real identity. During the game, a bystander asked, “Who is Fast_Freddie,” and in reply Fast_Freddie said he was indeed Freddie Deeb. At the time of the action, however, another bystander reported at twoplustwo.com that Freddie Deeb was being interviewed by the WPT in Paris at the same time.

More than 600 people watched this high stakes cash game. Until now the biggest hand in online history was that between bad_ip and I_Grind_on_u, which reached $357,256. The hand played by Fast_Freddie and bad_ip was more than $108,205 larger.At the end of the day, Freddie left with most of the money but nobody is really sure how much he truly ended up winning after all the rebuys.
Here is the hand history of the largest hand in online poker.

Dealing Cards to Players
bad_ip raises to $1,200
Fast_Freddie raises to $4,000
bad_ip calls for $3,000

Dealing the Flop (7c-Ah-Ac)
Fast_Freddie bets $8,000
bad_ip raises for $16,000
Fast_Freddie raises for $32,000
bad_ip calls for $24,000

The Turn is Dealt (5s)
Fast_Freddie bet for $74,000
bad_ip goes all in for $188,326
Fast_Freddie calls $114,326

Dealing the river(Kc)
Fast_Freddie shows Trip Aces(A-A-A-K-J)
bad_ip mucks hand
Fast_Freddie wins $465,451 with Trip Aces

The report of this game is brought to you by: www.CompatiblePoker.com

House Set to Vote on Internet Gaming Bills
The House of Representatives will probably vote during the next two weeks on legislation that would make it more difficult to fund accounts for online table games, poker, and sports betting. Although similar bills have passed one or the other chamber of Congress in prior years, they never passed both houses and were never enacted into law.

The American Gaming Association urged Congress to study online gambling to determine whether technology now supports a safe way to legalize, regulate and tax online wagering as Britain has done. Both MGM Mirage and Harrah’s — giants in the gaming industry —see online gaming as a dramatic opportunity for revenue growth.

Regardless of Congressional action, industry analysts are bullish on the growth of online wagering, because of online wagering’s rapid growth in other parts of the world.

“Online gambling web sites are cash cows, and the greed that propels these companies leads them to solicit bettors in the United States, despite the fact that the Department of Justice already believes this activity is illegal,” said U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-VA), author of the measure that would expand the 1961 Wire Act, which focused on outlawing sports bookmaking by phone or telegraph.

Another bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Leach, (R-IA), prohibits credit-card companies and banks from processing payments by U.S. customers to gambling sites.

The casino industry wants to open the door to legalized online wagering. Although it’s too soon to put legalization to a vote in Congress, they hope a yearlong study would show that it makes sense to allow some Internet gambling in states where card and casino games are legal in person.

Gamebookers Brings 240,000 Players to Microgaming Network
Gamebookers, one of the world’s largest betting sites with 240,000 players worldwide, announced the launch of its new poker platform live on the Microgaming (formerly Prima) Poker Network.

“Poker is an exciting addition to the Gamebookers betting and gaming portfolio. Online gaming, for us, is no longer ‘just’ about having the best sports betting platform in the market,” said Gamebookers CEO John O. Malia. “We have to ensure that we are offering the best of all possible available services to our customers, and poker is the product that our customers were clamoring for most loudly after we launched our massively successful casino platform.”

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