Interactive, Real-Wagering Hold’em Coming to British TV

by Lou on June 21, 2006

Poker Zone Television is launching a new show in the UK, entitled Face-Up Hold’em, a play-along poker show that will run two hours daily on Sky’s Poker Zone TV channel. The show displays live Texas Hold’em games with viewers able to see each player’s hand and play along. Information about the mathematical strength of each player’s hand is provided at each stage of the game and home players can wager real money on the outcome of each hand via Interactive Voice Response.

By showing each hand as the game plays out, players can see how dramatically the strength of a strong opening hand like A-K changes when another ace or king appears in someone else’s cards. It’s not something seen in traditional poker shows.

It’s too bad this sort of show and wagering opportunity is not available e in the USA — and won’t be until we adopt the British model of regulating, licensing, and taxing cyber poker, instead of following our failed policy of attempting to prohibit it.

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