(1) Gaming Expo (2) Will North Dakota Lead the Way To Legal Online Poker

by Lou on July 27, 2006

There’s too much to see. Really. The World Series of Poker’s Gaming Life Expo is almost too big to take in all at once. All the usuals are there, from big name players such as Doyle Brunson and Chris Ferguson, to firms selling poker sunglasses, and stress balls. All the poker magazines are represented; along with everything from mouse pads shaped like miniature poker table, to — of all things — superglue.

I still haven’t figured out the connection between superglue and poker but I’m working on it. Maybe the next time I’m dealt aces I’ll glue those pocket rockets to my hands and keep them for the rest of the session.

Here are a few small scoops for you:

1. Sometime in September, I’ll begin a regular column for Poker Player Magazine, which makes me a colleague again of Mike Caro, Ashley Adams, and a few other folks I really like and respect. Poker Player’s publisher Stan Sludikoff is also a strong adherent and defender of a free press, and while it may not mean all that much to most folks, to poker players who are also writers and writers who are also poker players (I haven’t quite figured whether I’m one of the former or the latter), it does mean a lot. Poker Player is very widely distributed, so look for me in your neighborhood card room in about six weeks.

2. www.Holdemradio.com, the Internet radio station that carries Keep Flopping Aces, the show that Amy Calistri and I host every Thursday night at 9:00 pm Eastern Time is moving its base of operations from Austin, TX to Las Vegas, NV. I know that bodes well for the show; a presence in Las Vegas is important for a poker radio station, and advertising should be easier to come by than it is in Austin, which has a huge music scene but not much in the way of poker.

Speaking of Keep Flopping Aces, in two hours I’m going to interview State Representative Jim Kasper from North Dakota. In 2005 Kasper sponsored legislation that would have legalized online poker in North Dakota for any online poker room housing its servers there, allowing them worldwide access from their American base.

His bill passed the House, but was defeated in the Senate when the US Department of Justice, mustering up all the scare tactics it could, sent a letter to North Dakota’s Attorney General stating that the proposed bill “… could be in violation of federal laws.”

This year Kasper is behind an initiative to achieve his goals, and says, “If the Department of Justice or Congress try to stop us, it is my intention that the State of North Dakota initiate legal proceedings in federal court, to have them rule on the Constitutional issues.”

This should be a fascinating interview on a topic that couldn’t be more timely. If you get a chance, go to www.holdemradio.com and listen to the show live. If you miss it when it airs, you can also listen to it in the archives or as a podcast in iTunes.

I’ve gotta prep for the interview now. More tomorrow.

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