At the World Series of Poker, a continuing story

by Lou on July 13, 2006

Yesterday I had breakfast with some of the sharpest minds in poker: Jim Brier, Barry Tanenbaum, and Dr. Al Schoonmaker. I like to get together with these guys whenever I’m in Las Vegas, and we usually meet for breakfast and breakfast usually lasts until lunchtime.

Every time I think I know it all, I realize I don’t, and chatting about poker with these guys always imparts new information and reinforces what I know at the same time. It’s like going to the chiropractor and having your back adjusted, except talking to Barry, Jim, and Al adjusts my poker game and gets it back on track.

After lunch I hotfooted it over to the Rio where the seniors event and the $50,000 HORSE event were slated to start. I wondered how many poker players would plunk down that kind of buy in, and I figured the number would be somewhere around 100. Word has it that one-hundred-forty-something signed up, and starting with 50,000 chips gave the entire field a lot of play.

As for me, I played poker in one of the myriad side games at the Rio. It was an Omaha/8 side game that got short handed and then rebuilt again before I had to leave to attend a seminar Barry Tanenbaum gave at the Poker Stars Hospitality Suite.

At the table next to me, there was a player who had won a WSOP bracelet some years ago, and was playing in a mid-limit game. He’s one of those guys who seems to have dropped from the radar screen of notable poker players. He was under funded, and judging from snippets of information I was able to overhear, is scuffling and scamming to get his head above water.

These are some of the stories you don’t hear too much in poker; but they are to be found all over the poker world if you look closely enough or just overhear the right combinations.

Barry Tanenbaum, my breakfast companion, gave one terrific seminar for Poker Stars. If they bring him back to give more seminars at their WSOP hospitality suite and you’re in the area, you should attend. I guarantee that whatever your level of skill, there’s something in what Barry will say to improve your game.

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