Blogger Coverage of the WSOP is Just Terrific

by Lou on July 30, 2006

Once again I am in awe of the work done by the bloggers at the World Series of Poker. Last year I was astounded at how Pauly McGuire all by himself was able to provide better, and more in-depth coverage than many of the larger media outlets, some of which had a dozen or more reporters running around gathering information.

The bloggers are an incredible bunch. Often treated like pariahs by the mainstream media, and frequently given short shrift by Harrah’s, they have a love for the game and a willingness to find both fringe and mainstream stories that other’s can’t or won’t. One of the reasons is that bloggers never sleep, or seem not to anyway.

Though I’ve been lumped in with the bloggers by others discussing WSOP reportage, but the truth is that I don’t measure up. Not at all. I sleep. I keep somewhat normal hours. I don’t hang around the media room until 3:00 am and then show up again the next day just a bit later than the crack of dawn.

In fact, I’m not even hanging around for the remainder of the series. When the WSOP wraps up this year, I’ll be on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. But I’ve been there for a week. I have the color, look, and feel down pat, and I’ve got a handle on the major issues that are spinning about the WSOP’s poker games like planets circling the sun. What I don’t have is comprehensive play-by-play coverage of the main event and the fringes of the event that make for such lively reading.

For that, you need to Google Pauly McGuire, Tim Lavalli, Amy Calistri (my wonderful radio co-host on Keep Flopping Aces, which airs worldwide over the Internet every Thursday on at 9:00 pm Eastern Time, and is also available in archived form as well as in podcast on iTunes), Jen Leo, Jay Greenspan and any of the other bloggers who are nose-to-the grindstone every day at the WSOP.

They are providing the best, most in-depth, and most richly-textured and hued WSOP coverage you could hope to find. Read them. You’ll be glad you did.

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