Can Mikey the Chimp Win the World Series of Poker?

by Lou on July 25, 2006

Word has it that a chimp named Mikey will play in the 2006 World Series of Poker main event. I don’t know if this is true, but that’s what I’m hearing. It’s not that weird. I recall when it was all the rage to try to have a chimp – or a dog – get into the records of a college and receive a degree on graduation day.

That stunt was pulled off successfully on a couple of occasions, and if folks can figure a way to make that work, why not get Tarzan’s and Jane’s little friend to show the world that he has the card sense to pull himself through this event, even if the banana breaks are few and far between.

A press conference is supposed to be held Thursday, so more information may be available then, unless this is just a rumor and the folks behind it are just trying to monkey around with us.

So how would you feel if you entered busted out of the WSOP’s main event before Mikey the chimp? Actually, most of have seen players bust out of a tournament before some of the late arrivals or no-shows, so is being beaten by a chimp any worse an assault on the ego than losing to the man who wasn’t there?

But what if Mikey gets lucky and wins? Will he write a book? Will he get a big money deal with an online gaming site? Will all of us be dragging our knuckles and scratching our ribs in a pale and pathetic imitation of Mikey the chimp as we nibble bananas at next year’s main event?

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