Good News! H.R 4411 Not on Senate Republican Priority List

by Lou on July 26, 2006

Although H.R. 4411 passed the House of Representatives by a 317-93 vote last week it appears unlikely pass the Senate prior to their month-long recess beginning August 4.

This bill was not one of the priorities mentioned by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) during a Tuesday meeting with reporters. During that session, Frist outlined the measures he is hoping to wrap up before the August recess. His priorities include passage of energy and defense appropriations bills, a military construction appropriations bill, and an extension of the estate tax repeal. H.R. 4411 was not on Frist’s short list.

Although backers of the H.R. 4411 are trying to muster support for it more than one Republican staffer has been quoted as saying that they don’t expect it to pass in the next two weeks, and that this bill is not on their schedule.

The Senate bill is very similar to the bill that was approved earlier in the House of Representatives. It would prohibit most forms of Internet gambling and make it illegal for banks and credit card companies to make payments to online gambling sites.

Congress has precious few work days remaining in 2006 because of the congressional elections scheduled for early November. Senators return from vacation in September for several weeks, then adjourn again before the elections, and return in December prior to a Christmas recess.

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