What the Anti-Gambling Factions Say About HR 4411’s Chances for Passage

by Lou on July 30, 2006

Sometimes it’s interesting to see how the other half lives, so I decided to see what the Congressional and the anti-gambling factions are thinking about the chances of HR 4411 passing the Senate anytime soon.

Sources in Congress have been quoted as saying that HR 4411 — sponsored by Reps. Bob Goodlatte, (R-VA), and Jim Leach, (R-IA) — is unlikely to pass the Senate before the summer recess begins Aug. 7.

Chad Hills, an analyst for gambling issues at Focus on the Family Action, said, “We’ve been trying to get this bill through the Senate before it recesses. We’re hearing now that it may be stalled — and won’t be considered.”
Brian Newell of the Family Research Council says that some senators are anonymously trying to “deep six” the bill, and unless the Senate leadership makes the bill a priority, it is unlikely to pass.

That’s good news for people like you and me, who want to defend our right to play poker online and keep a nanny-state mentality from passing another sumptuary law that no one really needs.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, as we reported earlier in this blog, did not include HR 4411 in his priority legislation, which means it’s probably not going to pass in 2006.

But the battle is not the war, and similar legislation is almost sure to be introduced in 2007. That’s why you should join the Poker Player’s Alliance by clicking your way to http://www.pokerplayersalliance.org. While you’re at it, you can click your way to a letter sent in your name to your local congressional representatives. Please let them know how you feel about this legislation. Every little bit helps.

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