H.R.4411 OK for now; I´m in Barcelona today

by Lou on August 8, 2006

Time to exhale, but just a little. Congress recessed for the month of August without doing anything really stupid, like passing H.R. 4411. They return in September, but here´s hoping they are so consumed with elections that they ignore this bill.

As I write this, I´m in Barcelona, and incredible city that manages to be both relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. Seen a lot of architecture by Gaudi, and am heading off to the Picasso museum today, before we board the cruise ship. We´re staying at the H-10 Montcada that´s pictured above and is somthing between a boutique hotel and a full-sized one, in a terrific location — right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter within walking distance of most of the things we wanted to see.

There´s a 2000 year old church across the street that was built by the Romans, cafes on each and every corner, and free high-speed Internet access in the lobby. That works for me. I didn´t bring my comptuter with me on this trip, merely my flash drive, but I have everything needed to stay in touch and I can follow the WSOP online. It´s as least as good a view as I´d probably have with the restricted access at Harrah´s.

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