Packing for a Vacation

by Lou on August 4, 2006

Making Ready For a Cruise

It’s time to pack! We’re leaving on a Mediterranean cruise tomorrow and hooking up with my oldest and best friends, Rick and Barbara. I’ve been best friends with Rick since we were in third grade, and I know Barbara since she was 15.

We’re meeting in Barcelona and spending a day or two there. The cruise leaves Barcelona and stops at Marseille, Rome, Naples/Capri, Mykonos, Istanbul, Ephesus (Kusadasi), Athens, and Venice. It’s 12-nights.

It’s not a poker cruise, but that’s OK. I’m pokered out right now, having come back from the WSOP, having finished three book manuscripts that are with the publisher now, and I’m ready for some fun and relazation. The ship, the Grand Princess, has an internet room, and if I’m sufficiently motivated, I’ll post some things from sea. If not, I’ll get some sort of travelogue posted here when I return.

Hold’em Radio is Packing Too

I’m not the only one packing. Hold’em Radio is moving to Las Vegas from their current location in Austin, TX. Wade Andrews at Hold’em Radio is looking forward to it, so am I, and so are many of the others involved with the station.

Las Vegas provides much better access to guests and poker events too. Look for new, improved, and better coverage of poker when the move is complete. In the meantime, you can still tune into and listen a “best of” series, and you can also select archived programs, or listen to past programs in an iTunes podcast.

See you all soon. I’ll post some of the pics I take when we return.

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