Guilty Pleasures: The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon

by Lou on September 4, 2006

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Even me. And mine always occur this time of year.

In case you couldn’t guess, my guilty pleasure of choice is the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. Despite the high annoyance quotient of his personality, I still enjoy seeing Jerry cavort around the stage, trying to steal every other performer’s moment in the sun, and of course I respect the huge amounts of money he’s raised over the year.

But the telethon is a guilty pleasure. Where else can you see people who seem to come out only once a year to do their thing at this event? Last night I saw Julius LaRosa. I haven’t seen him in years, and guess what? He still doesn’t sing any better than did in his prime — and he never sang very well at all.

But the telethon really hits its stride late at night when every lounge act that’s ever appeared on the Las Vegas strip that’s still awake at that hour seems to find its way over to the telethon for an annual appearance.

Maybe guilty pleasure isn’t the right turn of phrase. Maybe it’s surreal pleasure. And speaking of surreal telethon pleasures, have you ever watched the Chabad telethon? After all, where else would you ever hope to see Bob Dylan dancing the hora with a Lubavitcher rabbi? Now that’s surreal.

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