Internet gambling bill still not tacked onto Defense Authorization

by Lou on September 19, 2006

There may be some good news regarding the persistent rumors that the Defense Authorization will be amended to contain provisions of the Internet gambling bill. Congress Daily reported that, “Defense and security issues will dominate the congressional agenda again, with defense authorization conferees hoping to clear the way for a House vote by the end of the week and both chambers likely to consider legislation regulating the use of military tribunals to try terrorism suspects.”

After frequent meetings last week, the “Big Four” Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services committees will meet again in an effort to resolve a number of pending issues. The most contentious is a provision in the House language that allows military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. House Armed Services Chairman Hunter has said he will not back down on the issue, while Senate Armed Services Chairman Warner opposes the language.

This doesn’t leave much room for compromise, and perhaps enough time will be taken up with these issues that the inclusion of the Internet gambling bill will fall by the wayside.

I certainly hope so.

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