USA – Antigua online gambling trade dispute comes to a head this week

by Lou on September 5, 2006

We’ve talked about the government of Antigua’s trade dispute with the United States on this blog before. It’s been an ongoing dispute that Antigua has been hoping to resolve at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The dispute has centered on whether the United States should drop prohibitions on Americans placing bets in online casinos. The World Trade Organization ruling said that some U.S. laws were in line with international commerce rules, but others were not.

Antigua’s position is that that the United States has taken no measures to comply with WTO recommendations and rulings. The U.S. takes the position that its laws are in line with trade rules.Antigua claims that online gaming is a lucrative source of revenue and provides an income for many islanders, and that US prohibitions harm the island nation’s efforts to diversify its economy away from tourism.

This dispute might come to a head next week when a three-member WTO panel will meet in Geneva to determine whether U.S. legislation complies with an earlier WTO decision in an online gaming dispute with Antigua.

Dr. Errol Cort, Antigua’s Minister of Finance and the Economy, says that a three member panel has been selected and will be charged with reviewing the facts and rendering a decision within 90 days.

Dr. Cort said that Antigua remains open to discourse with the US to resolve this issue, and that the US might be willing to compromise in order to protect the future of the Antigua’s Internet gambling industry and the jobs it has created.

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