World Poker Tour shows to air in Macau

by Lou on September 6, 2006

WPT Enterprises Inc. has closed a deal that will bring the World Poker Tour television shows to a burgeoning Asian market.

The World Poker Tour’s first season will be aired on Macau Cable in Macau. The second season is set to air on MediaCorp, Singapore‚Äôs largest broadcaster.

“With the long history of gaming in Macau and the recent licenses issued to a number of international gaming giants who will build or run major new casinos, this area is only going to get hotter,” Gary MacKinney, WPTE executive director of international distribution, said in a statement.

We agree with MacKinney. Macau has long been the gaming center of Asia, and with a herertofore untapped market of newly rich potential gamblers, numerous new casinos going in, and televised poker shows to prime the pump, this market is going to grow bigger and faster than most of us can imagine.

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