32 Nations at Online Gaming Summit reach accord; America conspicuous in its absence

by Lou on October 31, 2006

Tessa Jowell, UK secretary of state for culture, media and sport, at an online gaming summit meeting of 32 countries stated that, “We do not support the approach the US has taken. The enormous risk of prohibition is that it forces the industry underground.”

The summit resulted in a draft statement action plan regarding regulation of e-gaming, in which attendees agreed “that in passing legislation or regulations in relation to remote gambling our principal and over-riding concerns are: that remote gambling should not be a source of crime nor finance criminal activities; that, where offered, remote gambling should be fair to the consumer; that the protection of children and vulnerable people should be a key objective of the regulation of gambling.”

The fact that high level attendees from 32 countries agreed with the principles of the draft summit suggested a “substantial appetite for regulatory co-operation,” according to Jowell. She added that the summit was “recognition of the power of the internet.”

Summit attendees also agreed to further action aimed at developing best practices to protect children and the vulnerable, further research, and to support the ongoing dialogue with national regulators through the International Association of Gambling Regulators.

No representative from the United States was present — further evidence that we’ve missed the boat and apparently don’t give a damn that we did.

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