The Crispin Leyser-Jamie Gold lawsuit still unresolved

by Lou on November 7, 2006

According to a report in the November 6 Las Vegas Sun, World Series of Poker champion Jamie Gold (pictured left)says he has no intention of sharing half of his $12 million winnings with Crispin Leyser (pictured right), who claims Gold promised him half of his top prize in the World Series of Poker because of Leyser’s role in finding celebrities to wear Bodog-logo clothing during the event.

Leyser has a voice-mail tape in support of his claim, and filed a lawsuit in Clark County District Court when Gold didn’t pay up. He claims the voice mail and other facts are evidence of an agreement between them.

Last August, Judge Kathy Hardcastle signed a temporary restraining order freezing six million of Jamie Gold’s 12-million dollar WSOP winnings, based on a pending resolution of this matter.

Gold filed a brief last week in which he claimed that the agreement was not binding, and just “…a promise to make a gift.”

The beat goes on. It’s sad to see, but here it is November and Jamie Gold’s reign as poker’s world champion and season in the sun as poker’s poster child is flying by without his reaping all the benefits he might have, if this ugly little lawsuit had been nipped in the bud.

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