A change in the air….

by Lou on December 4, 2006

All good things eventually come to an end, and my relationship with Royal Vegas Poker will conclude at the end of December. I’ve enjoyed my time with them, especially the time I spent serving as a volunteer host for the Colelge Poker Championship.

But with Royal Vegas Poker having to refocus their business in light of UIGEA, my relationhip with them will conclude. I enjoyed it, and was happy for them to maintain my blog and website for me, while I did the easy work; I provided content.

But this blog will not cease. Rest assured that it will still be here far into the forseeable future and I’ll still provide the same kind of commentary I always have, along with the sometimes irreverent photographs I have a fondness for.

In fact, readers shouldn’t recognize any change at all. The blog will still be here and so will I. Proof positive, in the poker world as in life itself, the more that things turn upside down, the more they stay the same.

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