How do you say, “What’s your screen name, dude” in Chinese?

by Lou on December 14, 2006

The Internet Society of China (ISC) confirmed that China plans to adopt a “real-name” system for blogs, and has forwarded a study report to the Ministry of Information for comment.

Requiring bloggers to use their real names, they believe, benefits the healthy development of Internet blogs, because “Some have used blogs to disrupt social order and harmed the interests of the majority.”

China Internet Network Information Centre (CINIC), reports there are more than 17.5 million bloggers in the country, with an aggregate audience of 75 million.

While many expressed concern that using real names is contrary to the open spirit of the Internet, China insiders think freedom of speech should always be responsible and that the system could still allow a choice of online names, as long as there is “…respect for privacy and an understanding that leaking personal information should be punished severely.”

A bloggers’ convention in China last May resulted in a declaration of responsibilities and obligations for bloggers as well as a codes of ethics and principles. Since then, many bloggers on now use their real names.

It’s a different world in China. Once online poker becomes a reality there, I wonder if players will be encouraged to use their real names as their online screen handles, or whether they will be completely anonymous, as players are all across the rest of the world?

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