“Poker” become the most searched-for term on Lycos

by Lou on December 14, 2006

“Poker” is the most often searched term on Lycos, beating out “MySpace” for first place.

Lycos, in a news release, said that Clay Aiken was the Web’s most-searched man and Pamela Anderson was the most-searched woman. While I don’t doubt that, I wonder whether Pam’s high search quotient will drop, now that she’s no longer involved in the poker business, and anyone seeking her out on Lycos would have to be interested in her for other reasons.

The Lycos Top-10 Search Terms for 2006 were: Poker; MySpace; RuneScape; Pamela Anderson; Paris Hilton; Pokemon; WWE; golf; spyware and Britney Spears.

The Top-10 speaks volumes about our culture, taste, and collective interest, though I wonder if the same people searching “poker” and “golf” were also desperately seeking “MySpace,” “Pamela,” “Paris Hilton,” and “Britney?”
And for what it’s worth, search activity for President George W. Bush dropped 17 percent from last year, while 40 percent more web searches were directed to World Cup soccer than the war in Iraq.

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