by Lou on January 11, 2007

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Los Angeles — to Bell Gardens and the Bicycle Casino actually — for a weekend of fun, frivolity, and poker at the ninth annual Extraordinary Southern California Annual RecGambling Outing and Tournament, also known as ESCARGOT. It runs from Thursday through Sunday, January 11 -14.

I won’t be there for tonight’s event; I’ve got my radio show to do on at 6:00 PM PST, but I will be there for the rest of ESCARGOT. In addition to all the poker and renewing of old friendships, there’ll also be some unofficial events such as Roshambo, Chowaha, and a golf outing if it doesn’t rain, or maybe even if it does.

ESCARGOT’s signature event is a no-limit, shootout-to-match play, double-elimination tournament that begins with eight tables. Play continues until there is one winner at each table. That table winner along with each second place finisher advance to match play. Winners play winners, while losers play in a secondary bracket. Table winners who lose a match drop down to the secondary bracket, and anyone losing a match in the secondary bracket is out of the tournament.

The winner of the secondary bracket plays the winner of the undefeated bracket, with the secondary bracket winner having to capture two consecutive matches to win the tournament, while the undefeated player only has to win once to claim victory.

If you’re going to be in the LA area over the weekend, drop by the Bike and say hello. It’s too late to register for any of the official ESCARGOT events, but there will be plenty of side games, fun, and frivolity to keep you occupied.

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