Getting Lucky

by Lou on January 29, 2007

Getting Lucky with Neteller
Sometimes you get lucky, and even just a little bit lucky is always sweeter than no luck at all. A few days ago a Neteller customer service representative told me that my Neteller Gold ATM Card was no longer operable because I live in the United States. As a result of that conversation, I transferred $1,000 of the $1,550 I had on my Gold Card back into my Neteller account. Then I requested a check for that money, along with some other funds that were sitting in my Neteller account.

So a check is in the mail, or at least it will be within six to eight weeks for most of the money I had in Neteller. That’s what I was told, anyway. In any event, I was led to believe that my Neteller ATM card was no longer functional as a result of Neteller’s response to the arrests of two of their founders a week or so ago.

Yesterday Deirdre and I were on our way to the movies. Right in front of the theatre was an ATM machine. I knew I had about $550 still sitting in my Gold Card and just for the hell of it, I decided to swipe my card and see what happened. I was expecting to see a message saying “This transaction cannot be completed,” or something similar, but was surprised to find that I was able to withdraw $540 just like nothing was amiss.

I wonder if I just managed to get lucky and somehow slip outside the net of US customers who could no longer use their Neteller ATM cards, or if Neteller just hadn’t gotten around to pulling the necessary switches that would render my card inoperable. I don’t know.

But if you do have money in a Neteller Gold Card account, before you go to the trouble of transferring those funds to your Neteller account and then requesting a check that is not likely to be delivered to you before St. Patrick’s Day – or maybe even Income Tax Day a month later – do yourself a favor: Try your ATM card. While it might not work, you may get lucky just like I did. That will give you some cash in hand a whole lot sooner than waiting for it to be delivered by a Leprechaun or some other harbinger of Spring.

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