Happy Valentine’s Day, Neteller Two

by Lou on January 25, 2007

Is this any kind of Valentine’s Day gift? February 14 has been set for the preliminary hearing of former Neteller directors Steven Lawrence and John Lefebvre who were arrested on January 16 on money laundering charges.

A seven-page indictment claims Lawrence and Lefebvre set up Neteller in 1999 to provide online payment services to gambling companies. It also claims that between 2000 and 2003 Neteller Inc. offered payment services to various internet gambling companies so that they could access customers in the United States. From 2004 to the present day, the same operation was conducted by Neteller plc, an Isle of Man-based company which in April 2004 raised some $70 million when they became a publicly traded company.

Lefebvre’s lawyer, Vincent Marella, said that Lefebvre, “…is going to be contesting everything we know about the charges right now.”

Lefebvre reportedly refused to comment on the charges. Instead, his only statement was: “end global warming.”

February 14 doesn’t appear to be shaping up as romantically for Lawrence and Lefebvre as it is for most of us. Maybe someone should send them each a dozen roses, or at least a box of See’s candy.

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