In Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show

by Lou on January 8, 2007

I’m here in Las Vegas for the next couple of days to host a poker event for the customers and employees of one of the firms participating in the Consumer Electronics Show, a trade show that really takes over Las Vegas — as indicated by the steep escalation in room rates during this event.

You heard it here first, or maybe you heard it in a million other places already. But media players are the key to this year’s event. Much of the technology on exhibit is aimed at hooking up old and new media, to the point where you can even get network programming on your cell phone and use a service called Autonet Mobile to turn your car into a Wi-Fi hot spot and connect to the internet via a unit that plugs into the car’s power outlet.

If people think talking on mobile phone while driving is distracting, what will they think about people answering their email as they drive?

I also saw that Hi-def TVs have continued to drop in price. Last year a 71-inch HDTV was $70,000; this year they can be gotten for a mere $15,000, and at this rate we’ll all be able to afford them within five years.

I played poker at one of my favorite spots yesterday, the Wynn. I love it because it is relatively quiet and located just off the parking deck. They had a long list for hold’em, so I played Omaha/8 until the game broke and came away as usual, fond of the ambiance, the dealer skill levels, and variety of games there.
If I have some time, I’ll go back today.

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