Antigua reacts to World Trade Organization findings in support of their online gaming dispute with the USA

by Lou on February 7, 2007

A report in the Antigua Sun echoed my blog posts on January 30 and February 4 about European Union Intrernal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy’s recent concern about restrictive practices regarding online gaming by the United States. McCreevy also said that the matter might be taken before the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Mark Mendel, the attorney representing Antigua at the WTO hopes to meet with McCreevy soon to discuss how Antigua’s trade dispute with the Untied States could benefit from European Union support.

Mendel was quoted as saying, “What I do think they (the European Union) can do is add support to our case and help encourage us to get the right results, so I think they can be very helpful. They may be able to provide us with some support at the governmental level that could be beneficial.”

Although Antiguan gaming officials have been tight-lipped on the results of the WTO’s recently completed review of US legislation in the trade dispute, Gretchen Hamel, a spokesperson for the office of the US Trade Representative confirmed that the WTO panel did not agree that the United States had taken the necessary steps to comply with the earlier WTO ruling in Antigua’s favor.

More to come in March, when the confidential report is scheduled to be made public.

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