Are non US-based players having trouble getting their money from Neteller too?

by Lou on February 27, 2007

It looks like US players are not the onhly ones having trtouble getting a timely payment out of Neteller. This information came to me via, and my good friend and usually reliable source, Dave Scharf. I’m printing it here for what it’s worth. If you’re not a US-based player, you might want to do some digging — or else just take the bull by the horns and move your money out of Neteller while you have a chance.

We have received numerous reports of NON USA Players waiting on checks from Neteller for more than 4 weeks.

We also have received reports from several operators stating Neteller claims to have sent them wires, yet after 3 weeks wires have not been received.

These same operators, also state that Neteller has ignored all their requests for clarification as to the status and whereabouts of their funds.

The facts along with Neteller’s action seem to indicate the end is near for them.

We urge all our members to withdraw any funds held with Neteller as soon as possible so as to avoid finding themselves in the same boat as the people and businesses providing us these reports.

We also strongly suggest all our US members contact the FSA in the UK to file formal complaints.

A complete guide to filing a complaint with the FSA may be found here:

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