Is a move on to repeal UIGEA?

by Lou on February 23, 2007 reported a rumor earlier today that US Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) [pictured right] is attempting to have the UIGEA legislation repealed.

According to, A spokesman in the Congressman’s office said that although Frank was not in favor of the restrictions facing online gambling as a result of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Bill, there was “nothing on the agenda right now” to reverse the bill.

Frank’s office refused to confirm or deny whether the Congressman was considering such a move.

Here’s my personal opinion: I think a bill to overturn UIGEA will be introduced in Congress, though I’m not at all sure who will sponsor it. Once this bill is introduced you can also expect an announcement confirming that former Senator Al D’Amato [pictured top] will handle lobbying efforts on its behalf.

While it’s an open secret that the Poker Player’s Alliance has courted D’Amato to lobby on behalf of the online poker industry, and it’s been reported as a done deal in this blog, Poker Player Newspaper, Newsday, and other media, the PPA has yet to confirm it.

The only reason why PPA won’t confirm this story that makes any sense to me is to allow the bill’s sponsor to bring legislation forward without having to acknowledge a relationship with D’Amato, whose career in the US Senate was mercurial and played to mixed reviews, to say the least.

Love him or hate him, D’Amato — an avid poker player whose love for the game is well-known — is an extremely effective lobbyist, and clearly the best guy to honcho this legislation.

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